Living in spite of...

LueWish was founded in 2018 in memory of Luevenia Marcel Lewis (affectionately known  as “Lulu”) and is the sister of our founder Hilda M. Gradnigo. During Lulu’s 20-year battle with cancer, she was an inspiration to all who knew her. Through her tenacity to count it all joy, Luevenia decided early in her journey that she would not live with cancer, but lived “in-spite-of.”  Luevenia lost her battle with cancer but won the battle to believe God that when “life happens” you can still Live Out Loud, Love Out Loud, and Laugh Out Loud in the way that shares a gift of hope for others.

Lulu lived deliberately with purpose and significance through her faith to be the best daughter, wife, mother, sister and friend. She was known for doing things her way because her way represented His way. Her presence was simply medicine to our souls, spirits, and minds.

It is our hope that through the spirit of LueWish, we can continue to inspire hope in other women when “life happens.”


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