Wishes do come true...

building a community of care through a network of resources

Sharing resources to bring hope and inspiriation


Women possess the strength needed to live, work, and cope while burdened with issues we couldn’t imagine a few short years ago.  Cancer, the loss of a job, child or loved one, domestic violence, heart disease, and depression to name a few.  It’s in these moments when “life happens” that we find ourselves wishing for something, anything to give us a reason to take another step, to go another day, and to keep moving.

LueWish is building a community of care through a network of resources, advocates and volunteers to help serve the needs of women during these life altering moments.  These life altering moments are the moments we want to transform into memories of sharing and caring.

We are working towards a shared resource database for hope and inspiration others have found helpful during their journey.

LueWish grants wishes to women who are experiencing life altering issues due to cancer, heart disease and domestic violence.


Inspiring women through wishes to live, love and laugh out loud in spite of.


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LueWish grants wishes to women who are experiencing cancer or any life altering issues. We inspire women to live, laugh, and love in spite of.  Become a sponsor TODAY!



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